Planning to ref for the NRSC in 2017? Please register by March 11

Register NOW with the NRSC to get added to our 2017 referee list and schedules.

We ask all our NEW & returning referees to re-register with NRSC by March 11th in order to work our rec league games this coming spring and fall. Just click the registration link below, fill it out and submit. Any information you can provide on your outside obligations for this season will help us schedule you better.
NRSC referee registration form

Please respond as soon as possible. Don’t make us track you down for a reply. If you have worked games for the NRSC last year and do not plan to referee this Spring, please send a note to the NRSC referee coordinator at We will drop you from our list and we won’t keep trying to contact you.

Spring referee meeting – March 16 at NR Library

All new and returning referees that plan to work Saturday recreation league games this spring need to attend this planning meeting. If you have questions, please contact the NRSC referee coordinator at

Why you should be a referee

One of the most important keys to a successful soccer program and a necessity for the overall success of the game too often goes lacking and unnoticed. Sure in any program you have plenty of players, coaches, and volunteers as well as cheering parents, grandparents and siblings on the sidelines. However, you can’t have games without a solid core of well trained referees.

Where do they come from? The best referees I have ever seen always come from the players that love to play the game and some of the best are the ones that start at a young age. There is no time like now for players age 11 and up to get started on a part of the sport that can keep them involved with the game they love for a lifetime. Becoming a referee also improves their game play by helping them fully understand the laws and the flow of the game. An added benefit outside of the game is that a young referee develops important life skills from learning how to handle the pressures and responsibilities of refereeing. It helps build confidence and character and best of all they get to make $$$ while having fun in the sport they love.

The information to sign up for the NRSC sponsored New Referee Clinic on Saturday, March 4th is available by going to Look for the link “Become a Referee” to get started. New registrants will take the 17 laws course via online modules, and then the online exam. They can then finish by selecting the North Royalton Novice class to attend on 3/4/17. The site for our local class this year will be at City Hall on State Road. It is an all day course and the North Royalton session will include a lunch with the registration.

If you have questions, please contact the NRSC referee coordinator at

Referee re-certification and other spring 2017 updates


Please remember all referees, new and old, are required to attend a minimum of five (5) hours of instruction each year to renew their license for the following year. These instructional hours will consist of three hours online (with a test) and two hours in person at a re-certification clinic. There is no charge for currently licensed referees to attend these clinics but you must pay your annual registration fee of $65.00. Since we only host NEW referee classes here at North Royalton, you will have to go on your own to the Ohio North State Referee web site (you can find the links below) and find their schedules and locations for the clinics being held over the winter. There are always clinics in several of the nearby communities and a few of you can even get together and pool a ride so you can take the clinic together and not feel like a stranger. But don’t wait too long to check, some of the clinics later in the spring may be further away. You will have to be re-certified by mid March to be put on our schedule for games next spring that begin on April 9th.

A few tips on the re-certification test for our newer referees and a reminder to those that went through it last year. Most referees find the online re-certification test to be a bit more challenging than the test they took the first year. Maybe it is because they feel as an “experienced referee” they know all the rules but most of those that did not pick up their books and spend some time studying before the test did not pass it on the first try. So take my advice, spend a few hours reviewing your rule books before you begin the test and if you don’t pass the first time, go back and study the areas you were most unsure of before you attempt your next try.


This is the link to their registration section:

This is the link to the upcoming referee grade 8 & 7 re-certification clinics schedules:

Good luck and we will be sending an Email out to all of you by early March to register with us to be scheduled for our spring season.

Ohio Return-to-Play Law – Mandatory training for all referees

Referees need to open the Ohio Return-to-Play Law link below and complete (every three years) either of the two online training classes listed in the document. Print two copies of the completion certificate. Turn one certificate into the NRSC and keep the other for your records.
Ohio Return-to-Play Law – Concussion Training (pdf)

Field Conditions to be AWARE of:

U11 games with no center circles – Opposing players must be 10 yards back from the kick off point just like any other free kick (circle radius at this age would be 10 yards). For U8 games opposing players should be at least 10 feet back.

Tips and lessons on becoming a better referee:

Laws of the Game made easy (pdf)
AR and Referee Notes (pdf)
10 Refresher Tip for the Season (pdf)
Coaches and Rules (pdf)
Watch and Whistle (link to
How to ref boring games (pdf)
How to Improve (pdf)
Whistle Use (pdf)
Assistant Referee Mechanics (pdf)