NRSC Electronic Messaging – Field Closing notices and More!

To get instant Field Closing notices and other NRSC electronic communications, register your cell and/or e-mail using the instructions below.

Register Via Phone:

Text this number 84483 (as the phone number)
Do not add anything in the subject line
Enter NRSCrain in the text area and hit send. It’s that easy!

Rainout Website:

Go to (click on link) to get the latest posting.

E-Mail or Cell Phone Alerts:

Enter your e-mail or cell number (a validation code will be txt’d to your cell or e-mailed so wait a minute) Enter validation code and you’re reg.

That’s it…at that point you will get instant updates. At a later time you can text/e-mail stop and you will be removed from the system.

To Close the Fields or Not

It is never a good thing when we close the fields, but many don’t understand why. Why can’t we play on game day, the sun is out? What you need to understand is that after several days/hours of rain the ground is saturated with water and does not just disappear the moment the sun comes out. At times it needs a day or two to get dry enough to play again. You may wonder why your game was cancelled, but it’s not just one game that we need to think about — it is several. If we let them play, the fields would be unplayable in a short period of time as well as a possible danger to players.